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nursing home outreach

We have a wide variety of exciting volunteer opportunities on almost every week of the year. Find out how you can get involved today, and see how a few hours of service can positively impact our communities in a big way.

The purpose of Homeless Outreach is to be a neighbor to the homeless. Our goal is two-fold. First, we hope to impart the goodness of Christ and the riches of Heaven in the hearts of those we serve. Second, for us as servants, it is to follow Jesus’s teaching to show mercy to those living in the shadows of our communities. Through our humble efforts, we believe God will transform us, the lives of our brothers and sisters in the streets, and eventually, our entire Community.

Grace-In-Motion’s nursing home outreach will serve the nursing home residents and staff members of Hudson Manor.  Many of our nursing home residents tend to be forgotten because they are confined to the facility due to their illnesses. Living most of your life being self-sufficient and then suddenly having to depend on others to help you do your daily activities can take a toll on you in every way. We at GIM want to be a light and remind them that they are loved and not forgotten. Together, we can connect and engage with the elderly adults through games, crafts, singing and dancing, reading, listening to their life stories, and much more. We ask you to dedicate some of your time in joining us in uplifting these precious people

Milal Mission is a faith-based organization that focuses on two objectives: sharing the hope we have in Jesus Christ and inspiring awareness for the disabled community in Bergen County. Grace-In-Motion's Disability Outreach partners with Milal's Saturday program, which includes worship services and a number of different physical and developmental activities. We believe that through a deeper understanding of God's love for the disabled, Milal has the potential to grow and make a great impact throughout our community.

When: Every 4th Saturday of the month

Start Time: 10 AM

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nursing home outreach

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